Quick Gems

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What are Quick Gems? We all scurry about throughout the week with a million things to do at once. Some days we need a little boost, but don’t have time to commit to reading long blog posts. Quick Gems are a small dose of goodies to inspire & promote good vibes.

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.” – Matt Bevin

Accepting Change

Instead of resisting change accept it. When the Universe creates chaos or tries to remove something from your life it’s because there is something better for you waiting on the other side.

Be You Today

No apologizing today for who you are or who you are becoming. No hiding. No shame. No guilt. Just be you today and live. Anyone who can’t keep up with you is not your problem.

Forgive & Heal

Healing is a never-ending process. We just learn to cope with our pain, not allowing it to be center stage in our lives or in other relationships. The process can only take place once you are able to accept what you are healing from. Forgiving those that hurt you is the most important stage. Not […]

Let Go & Grow

You can’t expect to grow if you keep dwelling on the past. Being mindful of where you are right now is the key to growth and positive self-development. We all have a past and although it’s ok to visit and reflect, it is damaging to “live” there. Don’t stunt your growth.

Love Yourself

To truly love who you are, you can not hate the choices you’ve made, your experiences and the life events that shaped you. There are no wrong choices as everything leads to growth, wisdom, and the opportunity to master self.

We Rise By Lifting Others

You are not just here to learn Self & experience a human life — you are also here to help, guide, lift, and encourage others. Whenever you have the opportunity, say something that lifts someone up, inspires someone, listen and actually give them some suggestions to what may work or work with them to find […]

What Is For You Will Find You

Not everything is meant for you. Once you understand that, you will have clarity, seeking the things that are meant for you. Be open to what you truly deserve. Focus on self-development, do a little soul searching, explore and find a new passion. What is for you will find you.

You Need Your Ego

It’s not about shedding or destroying the ego. It’s about being aware of it and keeping it tame. Discipline. Embracing it as a part of who you are, yet maintaining balance within. You are dark & light. To attempt to destroy your ego is self-destruction. Don’t believe the hype.